Seminar on biocidal products in Hamburg

15 Aug 2013  

In conjunction with Umwelt Consult GmbH (UMCO), we hosted a seminar on the new EU regulation on biocidal products in Hamburg on 12 August 2013. The event was held at the Employers Association of Wholesale and Foreign Trade (AGA). At the seminar, one of our experts presented different aspects of the new biocide regulation and its impact on industry.

Biocidal products – such as insecticides, repellents, preservatives, disinfectants, wood preservatives and antifouling – are necessary in the fight against harmful organisms. However, there can be risks to human health and the environment when dealing with and applying biocidal products. As such, the EU is strengthening its regulation on the use of biocidal products.

To ensure that industries’ biocidal products remain eligible for sale after the new regulation comes into effect on 1 September 2013, the seminar focused on the current legal situation. It also provided practical advice for the action needed. The topics included:

  • overview of the biocide regulation and its scope 
  • new labelling requirements for treated articles 
  • important transitional provisions 
  • new authorisation procedures for biocidal products 
  • practical examples

Michael Fink is a biologist with a history of working with parasites and bacteria in animals. He has worked on Research & Development (R&D) projects describing pathways and risks of infectious agents in animal husbandry and daycare institutions by using the HACCP principles. Michael has a special interest in the area of biocides and pesticides. He has been working for authorities in performing risk assessments of biocidal active substances and products. In particular, he has worked on evaluating toxicological and efficacy data and describing human exposure scenarios. Recently Michael’s focus has shifted towards advising industry clients on how to seek or maintain regulatory compliance of their biocidal products.

“The forthcoming EU regulation on biocidal products will challenge the industry for many years to come. The expertise of my colleagues and I – to guide the industry through the demanding authorisation process – will ensure that the industry stays competitive,” says Michael. “In addition, it will benefit the environment and human health by ensuring that future biocidal products are safe.”

Michael is course leader for the one-day training course on biocidal authorisation at DHI. He is responsible for business development of the biocides & pesticides area as well as the water & health area in the department of Environment and Toxicology.

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Michael Fink