Proposed restrictions on chemicals in clothing

There is a growing concern about skin sensitisation from exposure to chemicals in textile and leather products. This has led to a proposal to restrict over 1,000 chemicals in these articles.

The proposed restriction covers substances that have a harmonised classification as skin sensitisers under the European CLP Regulation such as chromium VI, nickel and cobalt compounds. It also proposes to restrict some dyes that are considered to have skin sensitising properties, but which do not have a harmonised classification.

Link with CLP Regulation
The proposal introduces a link with the CLP Regulation. This would entail that any substance included in CLP Annex VI as a skin sensitiser in the future would automatically be covered by the restriction. To allow manufacturers to adapt, a transitional period of three years is recommended between classification and the conditions of the restriction taking effect.

For more information, have a look at the Registry of restriction intentions until outcome

The proposal has been put forward by France and Sweden and is supported by EU’s Committee for Socio-economic Analysis (SEAC) and the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC). The proposal will now be submitted to the European Commission.

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