Toxicology in one day

This basic theoretical course gives you a brief introduction to toxicology and its basic principles. We will also look at the information required for toxicological risk assessment of a substance, including guidelines, toxicological test methods and internet databases.

The course does not refer to a specific industry or product line. Course subjects deal with medicinal products, foodstuff, biocides and pesticides.

We will cover the following subjects:

  • The fundamentals of toxicology 
  • Areas of application 
  • Toxicological testing 
  • Test guidelines 
  • Example of risk assessment 
  • Discussion: application and future needs of toxicology

Target group
You have basic knowledge of biology and/or chemistry but need more background on toxicological principles.

After the course
you will be able to understand the fundamentals of toxicology, including the most important databases, and to participate in discussions about basic toxicology.

Course leader
Poul Bo Larsen, MSc (Pharm), Toxicologist.

Course structure
The course combines lectures with hands-on exercises. The training encourages dialogue and interaction among the participants.

Date and venue
The course is held upon request or it can be customised as a company course.

Further information
Vibeke Salmon
Tel  4516 9144

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