One-stop-shopping solution for REACH registration dossiers

22 Aug 2011  

DHI helps companies to match the EU legal standards regarding chemicals by taking care of all technical and administrative services. To date, DHI has successfully submitted more than 50 REACH registration dossiers in which we have taken care of all stages of the registration, from the beginning of the process to the final submission of the dossiers.

One example of such a solution is mineral wool. Man-made vitreous fibres (MMVF), the technical term for mineral wool, are made from natural or synthetic materials or metal oxides. They are widely used in everyday life of millions of people, e.g. for thermal insulation, filtration and soundproofing. DHI has prepared one of the most comprehensive registration dossiers for this substance.

One dossier for all EU producers
At the end of the registration process, we delivered successful REACH registrations to its customers. DHI's customers expressed their full satisfaction with our solution. "The value for us was that DHI helped us to have one dossier which covers all companies producing mineral wool in Europe, including the import of this substance", says Ole Kamstrup, Vice President of Rockwool International, one of the world's largest mineral wool manufacturers. "The process was quite complicated because it involved so many companies, but DHI managed to deal with these problems and gained everybody's trust, so the exchange of information went very well", he adds.

Click here, if you want to hear Ole Kamstrup’s testimonial about our services.

Meeting the last deadline in December 2010, DHI has successfully submitted more than 50 REACH registration dossiers including both the lead registrants dossiers and member dossiers on behalf of several customers. The next deadline for the submission of REACH dossiers is coming up in 2013 – and DHI is already working on more registration dossiers.

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Hülya G. Fuhrman