Webinar on exposure scenarios

25 Jan 2013  

Persuasive principles used in REACH online training

DHI assists the chemicals industry by developing persuasive courses and training in REACH. On this basis we participate in the EU project EuroPLOT.

Through EuroPLOT we are engaged in the development of an online course aimed at formulators requiring training in handling exposure scenarios for chemicals under REACH. As part of the development, we will present a webinar on REACH.

The main focus of the webinar is:

  • The use of persuasive principles to motivate participants in a context where the regulation is setting the agenda
  • The use of the new GLO/PLOTMaker tool for the development of exposure scenarios for chemical mixtures in relation to REACH

The webinar will be presented on Tuesday 29 January 2013 at 14:00 to 15:00 hrs (GMT+1)
Speakers: Head of innovation, PhD, Margrethe Winther-Nielsen and chemicals regulatory expert Ilaria de Rosa Carstensen

New methods for training in chemicals regulation
According to REACH, formulators are required to supply information on the safe use of their chemical products.

The overall challenge is to collect information from a large number of exposure scenarios for different chemicals and to supply this information to customers in an operational and accurate way.

The new version of the GLO/PLOTMaker developed in the EuroPLOT project has increased the opportunity to develop learning objects based on persuasive principles. This enables instructors to create persuasive learning features in many different ways and in this way to engage the course participants.

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Vil du vide mere?

Margrethe Winther-Nielsen


Ilaria De Rosa Carstensen