Exposure scenarios for downstream users

REACH requires that the information in the extended safety data sheet shall be consistent with the information in the chemical safety report.

Communication in the supply chain
Preparation of the extended safety data sheet and elaboration of the exposure scenario from the chemical safety report may be a challenging task, especially for SMEs and importing companies who have been part of a joint submission of the chemical safety report.

In REACH there are no formal requirements for downstream users to prepare an exposure scenario for mixtures. However, the obligation is to include relevant exposure scenarios and relevant information from the supplied safety data sheet when compiling a new safety data sheet.

Challenged by ES for mixtures?
A formulator may receive exposure scenarios for both substances and mixtures, and different formats and qualities of the extended safety data sheets may challenge the preparation of an exposure scenario for a mixture. In addition, many downstream users who are formulators are often very experienced in producing safety data sheets, but have little experience in doing risk assessments.

DHI can help you with preparation of the extended safety data sheet for communication in the supply chain. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive training tailored to company-specific needs for preparation of exposure scenarios
  • Use of a structured approach to elaborate relevant information from the chemical safety report into a communicative exposure scenario
  • Assurance of consistency between chemical safety report and extended safety data sheet
  • Preparation of exposure scenarios for mixtures
  • Documentation of fulfilment of exposure scenarios for downstream users
  • Preparation of downstream user chemical safety assessment and submission of report

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