Migration estimates by mathematical modelling


Knowledge on migration of substances from contact material to content may be estimated by use of mathematical models. DHI has access to and experience in the use of commercial programs, which can be utilized to estimate migration of substances from one or multilayer materials made of polymers such as LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP (homo), PP (random), PP (rubber), PS, HIPS, PET, PEN or PA.

Mathematical modelling may be applied to

  • Food contact materials
  • Drinking water contact materials
  • Pharmaceutical contact materials
  • Medical implants

A substitute for laboratory testing
Estimates of migration of specific substances from food contact materials by use of a mathematical model are legally accepted as a substitute for laboratory testing.

The same method may be employed for tubing, fittings and processing equipment for drinking water, for pharmaceutical products dispensed or stored in plastic materials, and for medical implants in contact with body fluids and tissues.

Making estimates for migration obtained by mathematical modelling is particularly advantageous during a development phase, where it is inconvenient, time consuming and expensive to keep repeating laboratory migration testing.

We encourage product developers to contact us as early as possible during a development project in order to reap the highest benefits, and to gain knowledge of necessary input parameters, limits for validation etc.

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