Data search and information retrieval

The amount of information has increased enormously during the past 20 years. The sources of toxicological data are many and collection of data is time-consuming. Although electronic databases have reduced the workload considerably, it requires specialist knowledge to select and search the most relevant of the many different databases.

At DHI we have great expertise in retrieval and bibliographic information search in pharmaceutical and chemical databases.

Who needs a data search?
Companies developing, manufacturing and processing chemicals often require information about the possible effects of chemical substances or products on animals, humans and the environment. The purpose of a data search may vary, but the main consideration is to protect humans and the environment.

Types of substances
We can assist you with search for data on pharmaceuticals, pesticides, biocides, cosmetics, food ingredients and chemicals. Our data searches include active substances, processing aids, residues, additives and ingredients.

Our services include

  • Development of search strategies
  • Collection and assessment of toxicological, physiological and chemical data
  • Assessment of toxicological profiles of chemical substance(s)
  • Assessment of search sources and development of search strategies
  • Documentation of health claims
  • Elaboration of search strategies as standard procedure (Standard Operating Procedure) for information retrieval of toxicological and ecotoxicological properties of chemical substances
  • Assistance in the design of internal substance or product databases

Data sources
We offer both individual and continuous information retrieval according to the requirements. We perform searches in relevant sources, such as manuals, monographs, reports and searches in both free available sources on the internet and via the database host STN, The Scientific & Technical Information Network.

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