Toxicological services

DHI provides a large range of toxicological services in relation to toxicological hazard, risk and safety assessments:

  • hazard identification, including dose-effect
  • hazard characterization, including dose-response relationships
  • exposure assessments
  • risk characterization
  • safety assessments

Retrieval of toxicological information
We also provide both individual and continuous information retrieval. We perform data searches in relevant sources such as scientific literature, manuals, monographs and scientific reports. Our searches include both free available sources on the internet and the database host STN, The Scientific & Technical Information Network. Read more here.

Laboratory services
At our environmental laboratory we conduct a broad range of ecotoxicological tests in accordance with OECD guidelines. The tests are conducted in accordance with the principles for Good Laboratory Practice. Read more here.

Toxicological testing
In addition, we have many years' experience in cooperating with contract research organizations (CRO’s) in relation to generation of new test data. Based on the experience, we have obtained an extensive and specialized knowledge on the different CRO’s and their services. We can assist you with:

  • Selection of relevant CRO and invitation to contract offers
  • Programme planning, including clarification of specific requirements for the documentation to be sub¬mitted to relevant authorities
  • Monitoring of studies including protocols and reports

Testing strategy
In order to reduce animal testing and ultimately the testing costs, we offer advanced services on repair of testing strategy. This includes identification of data gaps, progressive use of existing data, read-across to similar substances, QSARs, as well as in vitro and the use of intelligent data waiving and advanced tools.

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