Avoid PFAS with KEMI's database

A chemical substitution database has been updated with nearly 11,000 PFAS substances. This will make it easier to avoid PFAS in products.

The Swedish Chemicals Agency, KEMI, has updated the PRIO database with almost 11,000 PFAS substances. This will make it much easier for manufacturers and purchasers to obtain information about the substances. Among other things, the database can help companies that want to phase out PFAS in their products to meet future regulatory requirements.

All PFAS substances in the PRIO database meet the OECD's 2021 definition* of PFAS.

The database is available in Swedish and English, and it is possible to search for individual substances, groups (batches) or more specific parameters such as environmental and health properties.

For more information about substitution of PFAS, please contact:

Jens Tørsløv 
Tel +45 4516 9022

*Read our previous article about the OECD definition of PFAS