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Learn from our experts. They are abreast of toxicological issues, and they know the challenges of the various regulatory frameworks.

Instructor-led training courses
We combine theory with work examples of day-to-day issues, including small quizzes and exercises. To practise your skills, you will get short homework assignments between the online modules.

The maximum number of participants is 16 to ensure high quality training and skill development.

Free webinars
At the webinars you will gain insight into a specific subject including practical tips on how to meet the requirements of relevant regulations.


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On demand webinar


Harmful substances in recycled plastic

When using post-consumer recycled plastic, there is a risk of unwanted chemical substances migrating from the plastic to the product and ultimately to the end-user. This may be critical, for instance in packaging for cosmetics and medical equipment.

Watch the free webinar How to minimize the risk of harmful substances in post-consumer recycled plastic to learn how to monitor hazardous migration.

On demand webinar


Endocrine disruptors

The EU regulation on endocrine disrupting chemicals is limited. Consequently, regulatory activities are ongoing towards more harmonisation among the various legal frameworks.

Watch this free webinar to explore the regulatory status of this topical issue:

A walk-through of the fast-changing regulatory landscape of endocrine disrupting chemicals

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On demand webinars


Medical devices

The EU Medical Device Regulation increases the focus on assessing and documenting safety. In a series of three free webinars, we give you an overview of the requirements:

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Introduction to toxicology

Online course - November 2022

Learn the principles of toxicology, hazard assessment and toxicological testing at this instructor-led online course.

The course will give you a better understanding of toxicology and the importance of the choices you have to make to develop safe products.