Industrial chemicals

Industries experience increased regulatory pressure on chemical compliance and safe chemical products across the world. More demanding legislation has been adopted not only with the REACH regulation in the EU but also in markets such as South Korea (AREC), Turkey (KKDIK) and China (NCSN).

Regulatory preparedness is pivotal for today’s global players:

  • to control the risk of regulatory non-compliance
  • to keep abreast of changes in the regulatory landscape
  • to meet technical requirements with a science-based response

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We can assist you in overcoming the legal barriers for marketing of chemical products globally. We have a strong international network and many contact points with chemical authorities with whom we have collaborated on registrations and authorisations.

In Korea we offer K-REACH services supported by a recognized Korean partner, Prof. Dr. Sanghun Kim, formerly of KIST Europe. Via our office in China we can support you as Only Representative (OR) and with notification services.

Our specialists include toxicologists, eco-toxicologists and risk assessors at an international level of expertise. This ensures services of the highest quality targeted to your specific needs.

We offer our knowledge on an ad hoc basis or as a continuous surveillance service.

REACH registration

We have conducted many lead registrations under REACH up to the phase-in deadlines in 2010, 2013 and 2018 and have comprehensive knowledge of the regulatory and toxicological justification this requires.

To help you reduce the testing cost for registration, we specialise in using non-test methods to justify science-based observations, among these:

  • read-across to similar substances
  • QSAR methods to support data gap filling
  • weight of evidence approach

We apply these methods backed by solid toxicological evidence and information from literature and test reports.

REACH registration for Rockwool International

On behalf of Rockwool International, we managed a consortium for the high tonnage registration of Man-Made Vitreous Fibers (MMVF) and E-Glass. The work included preparation of a consortium agreement, chairing of meetings, a trustee function, and the secretariat functions of the consortium.

DHI helped us to create a dossier which covers all the companies producing mineral wool in Europe, including the import of this substance. The process was complicated as it involved many companies. However, DHI was able to deal with these problems and gained everybody's trust with the high quality work that they produced.

Ole Kamstrup, former Vice President, Rockwool International

REACH registration for PARAD Consortium

Together with KIST Europe, we worked closely to develop test strategies and execute tests programs for the PARAD Consortium for registration of acrylate substances under REACH.

The consortium includes the Korean company Miwon which is one of the market leaders.


The work was carried out in accordance with the required quality standards and to our complete satisfaction.

Seunghee Yoo, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Miwon Chemicals

REACH registration for Nickel Institute

On behalf of the Nickel Institute and the Nickel Consortia we prepared over 100 exposure scenarios for all identified uses for nickel and nickel compounds. This was a key input to the Chemicals Safety Reports and part of the REACH registration.

In addition, we identified and evaluated alternatives to nickel plating in industries such as cars, aeroplanes and electronics, as well as its use in the catalysts sector.

The Nickel Institute as well as the Nickel Consortia have been very impressed with DHI’s expertise and professionalism. Reports and input have always been delivered on time, showing high quality and a good and objective reflection of different options. This supported the Nickel industry to register the substances on time under REACH.

Dr. Veronique Steukers, Director, H&E Public Policy, Nickel Institute

Cases: REACH applications for authorisation

Together with our partners RPA Ltd., EPPA and Fobig we prepared applications for substance authorisation under the REACH Authorisation List. The services include detailed mapping, collection of data and evaluation of technical and economic data and comprised:

  • Chemical Safety Reports or update of existing CSR
  • analysis of alternatives (partly through partner)
  • socioeconomic analysis (through partner)

Key issues for successful applications included thorough identification and evaluation of technical alternatives to the current uses. It was critical to address and discuss any existing alternatives, including rival companies, even if these did not seem to deliver the same function and benefits.

In the chemical safety reports we addressed and quantified all possible exposures in the life cycle of the applied use including all downstream uses. The exposure covered workers, the environment and humans exposed via the environment. It was imperative that the risk assessments were quantitative, unless the substance was a non-threshold substance, and that the exposure assessments were supported by measured data from both the work environment and the environment.

Application for REACH authorisation for the continued use of coal tar pitch

A team of experts from RPA Ltd., Fobig and DHI A/S has carried out the project. DHI was responsible for the development of the CSR for downstream user applications. The work was carried out in accordance with the required quality standards and to our complete satisfaction. The project has been carried out in a professional manner and has been fully completed. 

Jan Mervart, REACH specialist, DEZA