Tools and toxicological expertise

Specialist knowledge and tools are indispensable to anyone who must comply with requirements on chemicals in products, be it the effect of the chemicals on human health or the environment. We offer software, modelling tools and toxicological expertise based on more than 30 years of experience with risk assessment and chemicals regulation.

On top of our expert knowledge of toxicology, we have comprehensive expertise in applying in silico and read-across methods to assess the effect of chemical substances as an alternative to test in laboratories. We use state-of-the-art tools recognised by authorities around the globe.

We also offer tools that can assist you in calculating migration of substances in plastic or help you get an overview of legal requirements of packaging materials.

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Guide to EU packaging requirements

We have developed a guide to the EU legal requirements for substances in packaging. The guide covers requirements in general as well as the requirements of packaging for food contact materials, medicinal products, cosmetics and recycled materials.

In the guide you will find links to the relevant regulations. Read more about the guide to packaging requirements

Migration of substances in plastics

Plastic is used everywhere: in packaging, kitchenware, toys, sports equipment, cars and electronic equipment to mention just a few. In addition to polymers, plastic can include various substances that may migrate to the environment which the plastic is in direct contact with.

We have developed a validated migration model to calculate the extent to which specific substances will be able to migrate to and from polymer materials. Read more about migration of substances in plastic


CheMigrator® calculation of packaging migration

CheMigrator® is a tool designed to help you calculate substance migration when designing packaging materials such as food contact materials (FCM) or materials for medical devices.

CheMigrator® is also a valid tool for documenting the compliance of your material with the rules and standards for FCM.

Contact us for further information.

In silico tools

In silico evaluations such as QSAR and read-across can be a valid alternative to laboratory testing. The methods are approved by many regulatory bodies worldwide and offer agility in the research and development phases.

We are expert users of state-of-the-art tools and offer pragmatic solutions which accommodate your needs in compliance with regulatory requirements. Read more