Melamine to be identified as SVHC substance

In August, the German authorities will propose melamine for inclusion on the Candidate List of substances of very high concern (SVHC). In the end, this may lead to a requirement for authority permission to use the substance.

Melamine is submitted with reference to Article 57(f) of the REACH Regulation, which covers substances suspected of having endocrine disrupting properties or of being persistent and bioaccumulative in the environment. The hazardous impact of the substance on the environment is the very reason why Germany proposes melamine for inclusion in the Candidate List.

When a substance enters the Candidate List it is the first step towards inclusion in the Authorisation List. The intention of including a substance on the Candidate List is to give companies the chance to substitute the substance before it enters the Authorisation List. If this happens, the substance may only be used if approval is granted by the authorities.

Melamine in food contact materials
The impact of this on the use of melamine as a food contact material is still unknown. Authorities are already keeping a tab on melamine as an ingredient in bamboo plastic, where studies have revealed very high releases of formaldehyde.

Health and environmental effects
When the substance is not polymerized as in melamine plastic, melamine can damage the bladder and kidneys and is suspected of being carcinogenic. The substance is widespread in the environment and is slowly degradable.

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