New IUCLID datasets on pharmaceuticals

IUCLID structured datasets for 348 approved pharmaceuticals can help reduce the need for animal testing. 

The datasets have been published by ECHA and are based on data from the United States’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They contain results from non-clinical animal studies and information on effects of the medicines on humans. Data include information on carcinogenicity, repeat-dose toxicity and developmental and reproductive toxicity. 

Support alternatives to animal testing
The datasets can help industry and researchers when applying read-across or weight of evidence approaches for toxicological assessments of structurally similar chemicals. They can also be used to develop predictive models and to analyse correlations based on animal and human data. 

The IUCLID structured datasets is a new measure by ECHA with the aim to reduce the need for animal testing. The 348 datasets are expected to increase to a total of 530 later in 2023.

For more information on toxicity assessment of chemical substances using non-animal methods (In vitro; In silico; read-across and grouping), please contact:

Brian Svend Nielsen 
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