The SCIP database is here

EU’s first public database of Substances of Concern in Products (SCIP) is now available. In the database you can search for information on substances in more than four million articles.

You can search for an article in the SCIP database by article name, brand, product category, material type or chemical name.

So far you will mainly find information on the following product categories and their parts: machinery, measuring instruments, electronic equipment, vehicles, furniture and rubber articles.

ECHA has published a video on How to search information in SCIP database

Who should notify information to SCIP?
You must notify an article to the SCIP database if your article contains more than 0.1 % weight by weight of substances of very high concern (SVHCs).

What are the requirements?
Information to the SCIP database must be submitted via a IUCLID dossier to ECHA and must contain: 

  • information on the content of SVHC substances
  • instructions on safe use and disposal

Get a brief overview of what you need to do here

You can get more details on SCIP and IUCLID dossiers from:

Anne Rathmann Pedersen
Tel +45 4516 9370