Criteria for recycled plastic in cosmetics packaging

When using recycled plastic for cosmetics packaging, problematic substances can end up in the recycling process and be absorbed through the skin. DHI has developed criteria for identifying hotspot substances.

Assessing the safety of post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR) in contact with cosmetic products is difficult, because of the immense numbers of substances which may migrate from the plastic packaging into the cosmetic product. 

In the report Problematic chemicals in recycled plastic intended for cosmetics packaging, DHI provides the technical basis for developing criteria for two lists of hotspot substances in PCR. One list comprises 28 substances or groups of substances for packaging for leave-on products, the other 11 substances for rinse-off products. The lists can be used as an element in the quality documentation for the supply chain communication. To view the lists, refer to section 5.6 in the report.

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