EU adopts restrictions on microplastics

New rules regarding the use of microplastics under REACH came into force in mid-October and will affect many products. Some of the first to be affected are skincare and cleaning products with microplastic.

The new restrictions on microplastics cover synthetic polymer microparticles (microplastics) as such and in mixtures. This will impact on a wide range of products from cosmetics, cleaning products, sports equipment and medical devices to artificial grass pitches and decorative ornaments.

The new restrictions are in addition to the national ban already enforced in Denmark according to the Danish Statutory Order 655 of 19/05/2020 on Microplastics in Cosmetic rinse-off products.

Gradual phase-out of products with microplastics 
Shops are still allowed to sell products which have been bought and received before 17 October this year, but transitional periods have been introduced for different product types. The first of these transitional periods ends in October 2027 and includes skin care and cleaning products with microbeads used for exfoliation or polishing.

The different transitional periods are listed in the annex to the new EU Regulation 2023/2055.

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