Expected approval of two major biocidal active substances

It is anticipated that opinions on approval of two active substances within product types 1-5 will be announced soon.

The opinion approvals concern the active substances “Active chlorine generated from sodium chloride by electrolysis” and “Active chlorine released from hypochlorous acid”. This decision has been long awaited by industry. In fact, ECHA’s Biocidal Products Committee voted for an approval of the active substances two years ago, but due to the new criteria and guidance on endocrine disruption the active substances had to undergo further evaluation by the Member States.

When the opinions are final, it is up to the EU Commission to officially announce the coming approval by publishing the implementing act with the deadlines for applying for biocidal product authorisation.

DHI and ECA Consortium A/S offer the opportunity for relevant companies to apply for authorisation by joining an industry consortium.

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