Many biocidal products found to be non-compliant

A large EU-enforcement project revealed that one in three of the checked biocidal products did not comply with regulatory requirements. Many of the products were disinfectants sold to consumers.

The inspections were carried out in 2022 and included more than 3,500 biocidal products. The findings disclosed that:

  • 60 biocidal active substances in the products are not allowed on the EU, EEA and Swiss markets
  • 37 % of the checked biocides did not meet one or more of the legal requirements
  • 18 % of the products did not comply with safe use requirements, typically disinfectants, insecticides and repellents

Disinfectants in focus
The enforcement project centred on disinfectants as many of these are sold to consumers. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, new manufacturers came on the market. Many of the new products turned out not to be fully compliant with the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) in the EU.

As a result of the project, products lacking authorisation or containing non-allowed substances were withdrawn from the market. In some cases, fines were issued, or criminal complaints filed against the companies.

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