Metallic silver: proposal for CMR classification

The Swedish authorities have submitted a proposal to ECHA for a harmonised classification of metallic silver. If adopted, it could mean restrictions on the use of silver.

The proposal for a harmonised classification is in relation to effects on reproduction, mutagenic and sensitising effects:

  • Repr. 1B, H360FD
  • Muta. 2, H341
  • Skin Sens. 1, H317

The classification includes all types of metallic silver, including silver in nanoform.

In particular, a classification as Repr. 1B may have implications on the use of metallic silver in several areas such as medical devices and health care products.

Strong resistance to proposal
ECHA sent the proposal out for public consultation and was met with an unusually large number of comments and objections. A total of 361 comments were submitted by industry and trade organisations, authorities, companies, etc.

The classification proposal will be discussed for the first time by ECHA's risk assessment committee in December.

For more information on the use of metallic silver, please contact:

Poul Bo Larsen
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