Novel food catalogue updated

The EU Novel Food status Catalogue was updated in November 2023, informs the European Commission.

The update includes enhanced search functionalities where you can search by official names and common terms. The status Catalogue also provides a regulatory explanation of the status of a novel food: whether it is authorised or requires pre-market authorisation and if it is novel in food or food supplements.

It should be noted that as the Novel Food status Catalogue is based on information provided by the EU Member States, the information is non-binding but serves as guidance on whether a product will require authorisation under the EU Novel Food Regulation. Furthermore, EU countries may also restrict the marketing of a product through national legislation. 

Novel Food is defined as food that has not been consumed to a significant degree by humans in the EU before 15 May 1997.

For clarification of questions concerning novel food, such as the need for toxicological assessment, please contact:

Helle Buchardt Boyd 
Tel +45 4516 9097