PET recycle process for FCM approved

EFSA has approved a recycling process of post‐consumer PET flakes for use in food contact materials.

The European Food Safety Authority, EFSA, has approved a recycling process of post‐consumer poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) flakes for use in food contact materials (FCM).

The PET flakes originate from materials and articles manufactured in accordance with the EU legislation on FCM and contains no more than 5% of PET from non‐food consumer applications. The PET flakes have been evaluated and approved not to be a risk to human health when used for contact with foodstuffs for long-term storage at room temperature, with or without hotfill.  Articles made of this recycled PET are not intended to be used in microwave and conventional ovens.

The approved recycling process is based on the EREMA Multi-Purpose Reactor (MPR) technology and was submitted by the Italian company Alimpet S.r.L.

In the EU, recycling processes must be evaluated and authorised before the recycled plastic materials or articles are placed on the market for food contact. 

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