Poison Centres notification – deadline approaching

Mixtures classified for health and physical hazards must be notified to the national EU Poison Centres by 1 January 2021 in all countries where the mixtures are sold.

The requirement applies to mixtures to private as well as professional users. The notifications must be submitted via ECHA’s IUCLID portal.

A notification must contain information about the complete mixture composition and its classification and labelling. In addition, information must include the toxicological properties of the mixture. As a rule of thumb, the information must be in the national languages of the countries where the mixture is on the market. However, each EU membership country is free to accept notifications in other languages. Membership countries may also demand a notification fee.

Notifications are linked to the UFI numbers (Unique Formula Identifier) which must be stated on the product packaging by 1 January 2021.

We can help you to determine your responsibilities, including notification to the Poison Centres.

Read more about information requirements to the Poison Centres here.

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