Restrictions on diisocyanates

The use of diisocyanates and mixtures containing diisocyanates is to be restricted for industrial and professional uses. This is expected to reduce the number of work-induced asthma in the EU.

Diisocyanates are used in numerous products such as adhesives, flooring and building insulation material. The substances are allergenic both at skin contact and at inhalation exposure and several diisocyanates are classified as carcinogenic.

Diisocyanates in the work environment pose a considerable risk of developing skin sensitisation or respiratory allergy. The new restrictions are expected to reduce the annual number of new work-induced asthma in the EU by approx. 3000.

The restrictions cover the industrial and professional uses of certain diisocyanates individually or as a constituent in other substances or in mixtures in concentrations above 0.1 % w/w.

Mandatory training on safe use
As of 24 August 2023, the above substances and mixtures must only be used provided that the user has completed training on their safe use. This is stipulated in the conditions of restriction.

As of 24 August 2022, marketing of the above substances and mixtures is only permitted if the downstream user is informed of the training requirement and a statement to this effect is placed on the packaging of the product.

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