SPC IUCLID format replaces SPC Editor

Users of the SPC Editor for mandatory applications for biocidal product authorisations should get ready for a switch to preparing SPC files directly in IUCLID.

ECHA has announced that by the of 2023, summary of product characteristics (SPCs) must be prepared in .i6z file format instead of the SPC Editor. The new format is compatible with IUCLID. In addition, SPC dossiers must in the future be archived in IUCLID Cloud and used for product applications in the application system R4BP 3.

To assist users in adapting internal databases to the new IUCLID format, a package with supporting material is available on the ECHA website including a Developers’ Guide.

At DHI we are experienced users of IUCLID and can help you with preparation of your biocidal product dossiers.

For more information or assistance with IUCLID, please contact:

Jack Frausing Nielsen 
Tel +45 4516 9128